Christine M.

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Photographed at W South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

The Luxury Collection brand best captures me. Each one is unique and has lots to discover.

Meet Christine — A pentalingual globe-trotter (yes, she speaks five languages)

Most treasured souvenir: "A pile of enormous seashells I collected in Algarve, Portugal, as a child."

Culinary adventure: "I tried durian in Singapore. It's a fruit you'll be fined for bringing on a public bus because the smell is so bad. It tastes like fried onions."

If she were a city, she'd be: "London. It's a wonderful, chaotic mishmash — but there's a method to the madness!"

Nobody knows: "I like to watch voice-over TV reruns when I travel."

Trusted travel companion:

"A little Buddha my mother gave me for good luck."

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