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Daniela B.

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Meet Daniela — Her bucket list covers the world, from Argentina to Zanzibar

Seasoned souvenir shopper: "I always get one unique memento from each trip; faves include sculptured glass from Prague and a rababa (a bowed string instrument) from Jordan."

One woman, three Starwood brands: "W, exotic Luxury Collection hotels and contemporary St. Regis locations best capture my personality."

Favorite travel memories: "Hard to choose! Riding a horse into Petra (Jordan), visiting a Masai village in Tanzania and exploring a spice farm in Zanzibar."

Likes to read on vacation: "Vanity Fair — it's the only time I have time to finish the articles."

Experienced overpacker:

"I'm always playing 'Let's Make a Deal' with the airport skycap to not charge me when they see my luggage is over the weight limit."

Never travels without:

"My camera, Blackberry and lip balm."

Photographed at The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Rico
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