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Go ahead, stay more. And prepare to get more. We’ve added benefits you can earn after 50 and 75 eligible nights in a calendar year. It’s a little something in return for how much time you spend with us.

SPG® 50 Nights Benefit

Suite life. Stay with us at least 50 eligible nights in a calendar year and receive 10 Suite Night Awards™ to be used for confirmable room upgrades to a suite or premium room. Use them for the times that matter most — from a honeymoon in Bali to a family vacation in Florida. The choice is yours.

SPG 75 Nights Benefits

Four. It’s the new three. Complete 75 eligible nights in a calendar year and earn four Starpoints® for every eligible U.S. dollar spent. That’s the richest elite benefit in the industry — and a 100% bonus over Preferred membership.

Time on your side. Also get access to our Your24™ benefit, which allows you the flexibility to choose your check in time. For example, if you check in at 9 p.m., check out at 9 p.m.

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