Frequently Asked Questions


What is SPG® Keyless™?

SPG Keyless allows members of the Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG®) program to use their smartphone to check in, get their room number and unlock their door. SPG Keyless works through the SPG app, which can be downloaded for iPhone® and Android™.

Are all hotels participating?

Most Aloft®, W® and Element℠ hotels are participating. See participating hotels.

Can I use SPG Keyless on all my stays?

Only stays that meet the following criteria are eligible to use SPG Keyless:

Will all mobile devices and smartphones work with SPG Keyless?

The following devices are compatible with SPG Keyless:

Device Type Device Operating System
iPhone 4S and above iOS 8 and above
Samsung Galaxy S® 4 Android > 4.3
Samsung Galaxy S III Android > 4.3
Samsung Galaxy Note® II Android > 4.3
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android > 4.3
HTC ONE Android > 4.3
Motorola Droid Android > 4.3
Google Nexus 5 Android > 4.3

What mobile device settings are required for SPG Keyless?


How do I register for SPG Keyless?

You must follow a one-time registration process for each device you plan to use with SPG Keyless. First, make sure you've downloaded the SPG app. Then, click "SPG Keyless" on the home screen and follow the prompts.

Can I register more than one device?

Yes. You may register up to three devices for SPG Keyless.


How do I use SPG Keyless during my stay?

Starting at 3:00 p.m. the day before check-in (local hotel time), you will receive an SPG push notification with an invitation to opt in for SPG Keyless. At the same time, the "Stays" screen on the SPG app will update with the invitation. Using either option, you may opt in for SPG Keyless two hours or more from your estimated time of arrival. This allows the hotel team time to prepare for your arrival. You’ll be asked to provide your trip details, including your expected arrival time, expected departure time, credit card information and confirmation number.


How do I check in using SPG Keyless?

When your room is available, you'll receive an SPG push notification on your mobile device, and the "Stays" screen on the SPG app will update with an "Active" SPG Keyless tile. Select this tile to see your room number and access your mobile key. Once you check in, you'll receive a notification letting you know if you can go right to your room or if you need make a brief stop at the front desk first. Whether you check in at the front desk or through the app, you will receive your welcome amenity and in-hotel benefits.

How do I unlock my door using SPG Keyless?

To unlock your door, first make sure you are connected to data and your Bluetooth is on. Then, open the SPG app, view your room number and hold your phone steady in front of the door's keypad. You'll know the door is unlocked when the flashing green light turns solid, your device vibrates and you hear the sound of the door unlocking.

How is my ID verified when I'm using SPG Keyless?

For hotels located in regions where local law requires identification verification, you'll need to make a brief stop at the front desk to show your ID and get your room number. Some Rate Plans also require verification. If you are required to stop by the front desk prior to check-in, we'll send you a notification through the SPG app.

What happens to the virtual key once I check out?

When you check out of your room, the virtual key is deactivated and disappears from your SPG app.

Can I use more than one credit card to pay my hotel bill?

Yes, you may present multiple credit cards to settle your bill at the front desk. The credit card attached to the reservation is only authorized during check-in, not charged (subject to the terms and conditions of the rate).

The Apple Watch and SPG keyless

I have an Apple Watch. Do I still need an iPhone to use SPG Keyless?

Do I need to register my Apple Watch for SPG Keyless?

No, but your Apple Watch must be connected to a registered mobile device in order to display a room key and open doors.

Can I opt in for SPG Keyless through the Apple Watch?

No, you need to complete the opt-in process from a registered iPhone.

When will my virtual room key appear on my watch?

Once you're checked in, your watch will display a "Tap to Unlock" button, which holds your mobile key.

When will my virtual room key disappear from my watch?

As long as your watch is connected to your iPhone, the mobile key will disappear when you check out.

Other questions

Are minors (underage guests) eligible to use SPG Keyless?

No. You must be 18 years or older to be an SPG member and enjoy all the features of the program.

How is SPG Keyless different than the mobile check-in offered by other hotel brands?

Some of our competitors allow their guests to check in on their mobile device, but they’re still required to pick up a standard key card at the front desk. SPG Keyless is the first truly keyless solution for a global hotel brand. In some regions, SPG members are able to check in from their device and go straight to their room.